Last week, I received a book titled: Forgotten Warriors II – Amphibious March Across the Pacific During WWII  Second Edition written by D. Ralph Young.

A few years ago, the author wrote me and asked if he could use the story he found on my Website about Runway Able for the second edition of his book Forgotten Warriors. I had forgotten all about him until he asked me for my address and sent me an autographed hardcopy of his book. When I started reading it I could hardly put it down. It is a masterpiece of detailed battles in the South Pacific and personal stories of his comrades, including mention of all the Medals of Honor awarded; with every battle the author lists the number of troops killed, wounded or captured of Allied as well as Japanese forces. He pays tribute to the Navy, Marines, Army, Submarines, Coast Guard, Seabees and Women.

The author at this time is 95 years old and his writing style is amazing; easy to read and understand, and so captivating, especially for me, whose life depended on the Japanese surrender in 1945. It is the most interesting total overview of the Pacific War I have read and I highly recommend it. And if you have no idea what or where Runway Able is, I invite you to check my website. Let me know if you found it! 🙂

It’s a Wonderful Life!

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