Insightful and heartfelt from someone who lived it. A MUST read.

After reading this book, I am very moved by the Author’s delivery and sincerity. Early on in the book he describes his desire to ensure that history does not forget the brave men and women who fought long and hard during the Pacific Theatre from 1941-1945. He frames this part of the war clearly through the eyes of someone who lived it. Mr. Young’s… Read More


Book Review by Ronny Herman deJong

Last week, I received a book titled: Forgotten Warriors II – Amphibious March Across the Pacific During WWII  Second Edition written by D. Ralph Young. A few years ago, the author wrote me and asked if he could use the story he found on my Website about Runway Able for the second edition of his book Forgotten Warriors. I had forgotten all about him until he asked me for my address… Read More

Welcome to my Blog

Welcome. My name is D. Ralph Young, author of Forgotten Warriors II. I’m so happy to have you as a visitor to my blog about my new book. This project is very special to me, and I hope to share some of that excitement with you here. I’ll be using this blog to interact with you about Forgotten Warriors II, expanding on some of… Read More