After reading this book, I am very moved by the Author’s delivery and sincerity. Early on in the book he describes his desire to ensure that history does not forget the brave men and women who fought long and hard during the Pacific Theatre from 1941-1945. He frames this part of the war clearly through the eyes of someone who lived it.
Mr. Young’s descriptions of the battles fought in the Pacific were direct and insightful in so many ways. He brings to light the many human and other casualties endured by brave American men and women during this lengthy and difficult time. His first hand perspective of the enemy we faced in the Pacific was also an important component of his story.
The Author incorporates the names of all the Medals of Honor awarded in the Pacific along with some citations to clearly detail the bravery and valor exhibited by these individuals. The book also describes the very warm reception Mr. Young received when he returned to Marianna Islands over 70 years after these areas were freed from enemy control. He also recollects many of the reunions that were held with his shipmates. The book incorporates some fantastic patriotic poetry and many heartfelt stories of his comrades. He also takes time to honor those who served in all branches of the armed services
My father served in the Navy during the Pacific Theatre and I am proud to have learned more about this important aspect of our victory in WWII. I am personally grateful to Mr. Young and his personal accounts and sincere dedication to acknowledging his comrades and their sacrifice as part of the “GREATEST GENERATION.”
I highly recommend this book!!!!
John Downs

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